Covers with Photo

Cover of laminated photo paper (Photo Wrap)

The entire cover consists of a laminated photo for protection from wear and tear due to use.

Examples of single covers with laminated photo

4 different plasticizing textures

Choose between canvas or leatherette texture, matte or glossy lamination.

Πλαστικοποιημένη φωτογραφία με ματ υφή
Πλαστικοποιημένη φωτογραφία με γυαλιστερή υφή
Πλαστικοποιημένη φωτογραφία με υφή δερματίνης
Πλαστικοποιημένη φωτογραφία με υφή καμβά

Photo front and fabric or leatherette on the back and on the back cover

(Photo Panel)

You can alternatively create a composition with a laminated photo on the front of your album and combine it with leatherette or fabric on the back. You can still have a photo not only on the front but also on the back in two separate panels that are attached to the back with leatherette or fabric.

Examples of single covers with laminated photo

Thread as a decorative element

The front of the cover can be stitched perimeterly by thread for decorative purposes.

Photo Panel με κλωστή (λεπτομέρεια)
Photo Panel με κλωστή

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