Album Boxes

Handmade Αlbum Βoxes

IconNet’s Handmade Album are top choices for your Digital Album!

Each of the four options – photo, paper, linen, leatherette – make unique results with the chic presentation.


Height & Dimensions

Album Boxes are available in every dimension.

Their height depends on the number of the spreads the digital album has.

Plexi Boxes

Imperial New Collection 2019

Photo Boxes

Luxurious wooden boxes painted with matte lacquer and plexiglass lid with 4 magnets to securely close. Their special design leaves the cover of the album visible, highlighting your choice and composing a complete product offering to your customers. Available in three colors: black, white and natural color.





Printed Photo Outside and Internal Case for the Digital Album (Code 1)

You can cover the cover of the album box with a beautiful wedding or baptism picture. Internal Case is in beige or black colour with a ribbon at the bottom to easily lift the album.

Paper Boxes

Paper Boxes in 6 Colours (Code 7)

Our hand-crafted paper boxes are detailed at all. The box consists of two parts, the top and the bottom. The 6 different colors will cover almost all of your color preferences. There is a possibility of color printing of names or logos on the surface. You can also create a mold with silver or gold print, giving aesthetic care in the construction of the box.

Linen Boxes

3 different types of Box with Cloth Cover

Cloth Box with side opening and internal case (Code 2)

These boxes are lined with fabric and embedded case inside them in beige or black color. A ribbon inside the box at the bottom is included to easily lift the album. You can also print names on the outside of the box and your logo inside the part.

Cloth Box with middle opening and internal case (Code 4)

These are textile boxes that open in the center like shutters. They include an inner case in black or beige and also a ribbon at the bottom of the box for easy album picking. In this order the names and logos are printed inside the box, on the left and right sides of the box.

Leatherette Boxes

Boxes invested with leatherette (Code 3)

The box includes an integrated pouch in beige or black color and a ribbon at the bottom for easy lifting from the base of the box. You can print names and logos on the outside of the box but also on the inside.

Textured Printing

The best way to print your logo, names and dates is textured printing.

Luxury Line Boxes

For the most elegant presentations

Luxurious Leatherettes for the most beautiful memories. If the price is not a problem, we suggest you this collection.

Find More about the Luxury Line.


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