USB Boxes

Leather, wooden and paper USB Boxes

The boxes that accompany the USB Sticks are certainly aesthetically distinctive. A wide range of choice of leather, wood and paper boxes in many shades will leave your most demanding customer a sense of complete satisfaction. We are here to showcase your art. Collaborate with us and stand out from the competition.

Leather USB Boxes

That’s elegant!

If you want to stand out from other professional photographers, we recommend choosing one of the iconNet leather boxes. Print embossed logo on the outside of the box and combine it with a crystal USB with metal or wooden cap. The result will impress you too!


Wooden Photo Box with 4-colour photos

A product that combines presentation of photo and USB sticks with digital files. There is a possibility of color printing or laser engraving on the surface of the box. Available in 4 shades: natural wood, white, black and brown.

Wooden boxes for USB

Wooden box in 4 shades (natural wood, white, black and brown) for the USB Stick.

Mini wooden bamboo USB Box

A special, very light and quality bamboo box for the USB stick.

Paper USB Box

Paper box with magnet in 3 colors (white, black, brown) for the USB stick.

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The wide range of boxes and USB sticks from Iconnet allow you to make particularly impressive presentations. Leather, wooden and paper boxes in many shades if properly combined with the corresponding USB sticks create amazing presentation results that will surely impress even your most demanding customer. Take advantage of it and stand out from the competition.

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