Covers series "9 Muses"

Covers series “9 Muses”

Artistic ideas from iconNet with white wood.

This is a special and complete line of products with 9 different artistic ideas from iconNet. The main material in this series is white wood in combination with fabric on the spine of the cover.
In addition to the digital album, you can also offer a range of complementary products:

  • the album box,
  • white USB with photo box which takes 13×19 cm photos,
  • a Pocket album with 18 photos

The white color prevails across the product range. The common mock ups of the products to be selected gives uniformity and elegance to the presentation.

Our suggestions

Code 10024 / Efterpi
Code 10021 / Erato
Code 10025 / Kalliopi
Code 10028 / Melpomeni
Code 10022 / Clio
Code 10023 / Thaleia
Code 10026 / Polimnia
Code 10027 / Ourania
Code 10020 / Terpsichori

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