Sample Covers

Our company offers samples of covers to our partners for sampling. On this page you can see iconNet design ideas for wedding and baptism digital albums.

You can order all the available covers by logging in to our website. You can also create custom artwork according to your own aesthetics criteria.

“Ready-made cover designs” include wedding and baptism covers in sizes 30×30 & 36×27 with ready-made models and photos (copyrights are reserved by iconNet). These covers do not change and you can order them exactly as you see them on the order system. See our suggestions below:

Wedding Series iconNet Collection: Red Passion – Floral White – Gold Spark

These suggestions are from the iconNet collection and are available in a size of 40 x 30 with a 26.7 x 20 cm series box and an Imperial box. This series is continuously renewed with the aim of presenting qualitative combinations of materials and products.


Baptism Series iconNet Collection: Evelina’s Collection

The series includes 11 designs combining fabric and leatherette cover. The series was designed in April 2019 and was first introduced at Image + Tech & Photovision 2019.

Code 20021
Code 20019
Code 20012
Code 20022
Code 20020
Code 20018
Code 20016
Code 20015
Code 20013
Code 20014
Code 20017

Baptism Series – Series Purity

The series includes 6 plexiglass cover designs with ready-made varieties of vivid colors that frame the baby’s picture.

Code 20023
Code 20027
Code 20024
Code 20026
Code 20028

Wedding Series – Series 9 Muses

The series includes 9 pictorial suggestions from iconNet with white wood printing and ready-made models with colour variations. They are proposed for wedding covers.


Wedding Series – Series Tangram

Tangram covers are proposed for both baptism and wedding. These are ready-made mock-ups combining leatherette and plexiglass.

Code 10002
Code 10003
Code 10005
Code 10015
Code 20006

Covers with leatherette or fabric

This covers include suggestions with plain material or a combination of a picture in a frame. Depending on the code, you have different printing or typing capabilities

Wedding Covers

Code 10001
Code 10006
Code 10004
Code 10012
Code 10008
Code 10007

Baptism Covers

Code 20002
Code 20008
Code 20004

Wedding Series – Wooden Covers

In this series you will find suggestions on natural wood with engraving or photo in frame.


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