The “iconNet Collection” consists of visual proposals of covers with the custody and signature of the creative department of our company. Our goal is to highlight the aesthetics and the right combination of the materials that surround your photographic art. This collection is continuously renewed with new proposals and ideas for both marriage and baptism. The people who worked for this amazing result are renowned professionals who offered us something of a very good quality combining   their special taste and aesthetics.


The series of this category are ideally suited to framing baptism albums. Their design is the result of correct and careful combinations of materials and textures, friendly to the eye and touch.


The acclaimed photographer and decorator Evelina Brumerioti designed the covers of this collection. Having a lot of prizes and distinctions in her profile, Evelina has worked with iconNet’s creative department and the result has fully satisfied our partners. The designs were presented for the first time in April 2019. The positive feedback from our collaborators showed that the combination of these materials was perfect and the result was very elegant.

See below the drawings of the series, which are available in specific sizes with or without frame:

Star Pink
Vivid Blue Green
Vivid Pale
Vivid Red
Vivid Jungle Green
Star Sand
Spots Grey
Star Blue
Vivid White

You have the option to have a frame with wood or plexiglass in large sizes (40 × 30, 36 × 27, 30 × 30).


The series of this category are ideally suited to framing the wedding album. The materials and textures selected in this category make up products of high aesthetics. Our suggestions concern integrated series of products with specific features in their choices.

Red Passion

«Red Passion» guarantees the aesthetic result, combining in addition to the colors (sensual red and minimal black and white) and two excellent materials: plexiglass with leatherette. The entire cover consists of plexiglass and a black and white photo with a back and a black leatherette back cover.

Inside the album, white rice paper is placed in which you can print names, logos or a small photo.

The album box

The accompanying box of the album is lined with the same leatherette on the back and internally with red leatherette with the same texture. Inside, your logo is rotogravure printed.

Alternatively, you can choose a wooden box with a plexiglass lid that leaves the cover of the album visible.


Wish Book – USB Sticks & USB Box

Offer all the products of the series to create a unique composition that will satisfy even your most demanding customer.


Floral White

«Floral White»’s complete proposal includes the digital album with a wooden cover on a white patina and the wreath of the photo printed, having the names of the couple inside. The back is covered with cloth 623 and the back cover is also wooden, with the possibility of printing your logo.

The Album Box

The series is framed by the album box, for which you have two choices: Wooden box with lid and color print of the wreath and names or box from «Imperial series» with white matte lacquer with plexiglass lid, leaving the cover of the album visible.

Pocket Album – Photobox & USB Stick

In addition, you can select a photobox with prints up to 13×18 with a white USB stick and print the same artwork on the photobox lid. Pocket Album is an equally stylish accompanying product that includes 18 photos in offset printing and wooden cover art.

Gold Spark

The gold metal on the cover and the back cover joins the back with the 5041 fabric. Decorated front with color printing, balancing the coolness of the gold metal. This is a special cover of sophisticated aesthetics, aimed at couples with a strong modern taste.



The Album Box

The album is accompanied by a wooden box lined exterior with the same fabric of the back and inside with a dark blue fabric. Otherwise, you can choose a wooden box with a plexiglass lid from our new Imperial Collection series.

Pocket Album – USB Box & Stick


More products are included, ranging in the same color shades, framing the basic product harmoniously. The cover of the pocket album is lined with the fabric of the back of the cover and has the ability to print names or logos. Its interior includes 18 vertical or horizontal photos in offset printing. 

The USB Box & Stick set consists of a leather USB box with the ability to print embossed names on its surface. The USB Stick is plexiglass with a golden inox cap.



The unique Black Velvet 3D is here! The printing of the spreads is done in black cardboard with black and white printing. The result is a stunning metallic print due to the peculiarity of the ink we use. Careful design and appropriate selection of photos are essential to better perform the output of this original.

The album is created in the special dimension 32 × 32 and is framed by a cover with specific and very special luxury leatherettes.

It is accompanied by box from the Imperial Series, lacquered painted wood and a plexiglass lid that leaves the cover of the album visible.

This is a special proposition in the presentation of the digital wedding album, which will surely attract the interest of your most demanding customer.


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