Floral White

The complete Floral White proposal includes 6 artistic proposals for your digital album.

The material of the covers is wood, painted with white lacquer in satin texture. You can print your logo on the back cover.

You can select and customize the following logos:

Design VA
Design VB
Design WA
Design WB
Design WD
Design WE

The album accessories of this series

  • The album box . For albums in this series you can choose the Imperial box made of white patina wood and plexiglass or the wooden box painted white patina.
  • The USB Stick & amp; Box. White box with leather texture.
  • Pocket Album is also a special and stylish product to complete your presentation.


koutia 05_1500
Imperial Plexi
21-Pocket Album
Usb Photo Box + Stick
Usb Photo Box + Stick

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