Evelina’s Collection

Baptism series

The renowned photographer and decorator Evelina Broumerioti edited and designed the covers of this collection. Having in its history a multitude of awards and distinctions, Evelina collaborated with the creative department of iconNet and the result excited our collaborators. The designs were presented for the first time in April 2019. The positive feedback from our partners proved that the combination of the specific materials was appropriate and the result was very elegant.

See below the designs of the series, which are available in specific sizes with or without frame:

Star Pink
Star Sand
Star Blue
Vivid Blue Green
Vivid Pale
Vivid Red
Vivid Jungle Green
Spots Grey
Vivid White
Vivid Amber
Spots Pink

You have the option to have a frame with wood or plexiglass in large sizes (40×30, 36×27, 30×30).

The album box

For large album sizes you can choose between a box from lacquer wood and plexiglass or a box lined on the outside with the same leatherette of the cover and internally with the same fabric of the cover.

USB Sticks & amp; Boxes

Cute boxes lined with the same fabric of the cover and the corresponding USB Stick, complete this series!

Many thanks to Evelina for her valuable help!

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