Usb sticks & Boxes Combinations

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Elegant Leatherette Boxes & Crystal USB Sticks

The leatherette box is printed on the surface of the relief and the result is extremely impressive.  

For the USB Stick, you can choose to engrave your logo or the names of your customers.

Depending on the result you want to show, you can choose a plexiglass USB stick with an inox metal or wood lid.

Color suggestions:

There are boxes in earthy colors, such as brown, but also in cool colors, such as grey. Of course, white and black are not missing, which are colors that are mostly chosen in weddings, but also more modern, such as red or purple. Choose colors that match or create contrasts.

  • For example, red box and plexiglass USB stick with metallic red cap or one of 3 metallic colors: gold, bronze or silver.
  • White leather case with USB stick made of white metal or contrasting silver or black silver.
  • Similarly the black box could be combined with black metal on the lid, white or silver.
  • In more earthy colors, such as brown, you can combine brown metal, bronze or gold. A special choice is also the USB with a wooden cover in all earthy colors.

There are too many choices in this category. Just leave your imagination free to make the right combination for you!


Photo Box & USB Stick

Lately, this particular product mix is chosen by our collaborating photographers as an alternative gift offer to relatives and friends. It starts replacing small digital albums by combining printed pictures and the video of the mystery.

For the parents, for example, is a very beautiful gift. Propose it as an alternative choice!

Tip: You can request to engrave a personal inscription, e.g. “To our parents Kostas & Mary” to make the gift even more personal and to touch the feeling of the people who will receive it.

Color suggestions:

  • Wooden USB stick in natural shade with box in natural shade

  • White box with white wooden or black USB stick for contrast and black box with black or white USB.

  • For a more classic option, the dark brown earth color line with the corresponding dark brown color in USB is recommended.

The final result of the presentation is basically a matter of combining colors and messages on the outside of the box.

Laser engraving on wood surfaces is preferable to printing because it is more impressive.

USB Stick και Wooden Box

This suggestion includes a wooden box of approximately 7×10 cm along with the wooden USB Stick. A nice visual engraved on the surface of the box will give aesthetic detail and will make it very special in the presentation.

There is no room for placing photos.

USB Stick και Mini Bamboo Wooden Box

Very special and lightweight wooden box made of mini bamboo, excellent construction to be combined with the wooden USB Stick in natural wood color. Laser engraving or logos at the top of the box highlights it. A very qualitative and especially economical solution.

USB Stick και Paper Box

For a simpler presentation, you can choose the cartons made in 3 colors: white, black and brown. They include a magnet inside to the side to close.

Color suggestions:

  • The white box fits with a white USB stick, but also with 3 bright colors: blue, fuchsia and purple, ideal for christening.

  • The black box can be combined with black and white.

  • The brown box can be combined with dark brown USB or natural wood shade.

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