USB Sticks

USB Sticks

With a capacity of 16, 32 and 64GB in many colors. Printing or engraving your customer’s names or company’s logo on the USB surface is available in order to view your photo art with the greatest aesthetic result.

Crystal with inox cap

Crystal USB Stick with inox cap in 4 colours.

Matte Black
Rose Gold

Crystal with wooden cap

Crystal USB Stick with wooden cap in 4 colours.

Light Bamboo
Dark Bamboo

Wooden USB

Wooden USB Sticks in 4 colours (natural, white, brown, black), ideal for every occasion.

Ξύλινο USB Stick σε χρώμα λευκό
Ξύλινο USB Stick σε χρώμα μαύρο
Ξύλινο USB Stick σε χρώμα φυσικού ξύλου
Ξύλινο USB Stick σε σκούρο καφέ χρώμα

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The wide variety of USB Sticks and accompanying boxes from iconNet allow you to take on stunning presentations. Leather, wooden and paper boxes in many colors with the right USB stick can create amazing presentation results that will surely impress even your most demanding customer.

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