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IconNet is one of the most equipped and dynamically evolving companies in the field of professional printing

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Beautiful moments that last forever
Moments full of joy, passion, promise, love. In iconNet, we believe in them.

It is our passion and our love for photography that makes us dedicate to each of the products we create.

We want
Composing a result that emits the same magical atmosphere as if the time is reborn and creating everything in a unique way.

We love
The photographic art, the authenticity of each image, the originality and the uniqueness of the moment.

We are mobilized
From the joy of creation and the passion for evolution.

We believe
In the creativity of our associates and our love for the printed image.

In the high quality of our materials, our modern equipment and our knowledge and experience.




Advertising Photography

We establish a small professional studio offering photography services to advertising companies.
Many projects are finished by hand, in a small colorful darkroom, specially made for printing interventions, retouching, holdings, burns, masks, insertions, etc.



We start learning something very new at that time, the Photoshop Program, which would cover our need to give ready-made, edited images to advertisers.



Digital Imaging Laboratory

We start using the Photoshop Program, already having our background in downloading and color printing, and we abandon the field of advertising photography.
We create one of the first digital studios in Greece, turning to a purely new and innovative service, “digital image processing”.We are evolving into a digital atelier with the main object of restoring old photos using Photoshop.We are creating a distribution network between us and our collaborating photographers, offering our customers a truly unique product for the time.



Digital Laboratory of professional Photography

We establish the company Iconnet-Digital Choice S.A.

We invest in digital printers, different features and materials, as well as in new and faster computers and high definition scanners.

Tooling with specialized human resources, which can produce modern photographic products.


Digital albums
We research for new ideas and products and finally start producing “digital albums”, believing that this product will have a huge acceptance of the customers.

We upgrade our equipment and continue to create a high quality digital albums, photo books and many other unique printing products at very affordable prices.

We learn a lot about bookbinding, which we study in detail and finally make ourselves perfect in that.


We are one of the most equipped and evolving companies in the field of professional printing.

We are located in privately owned facilities, where an experienced and skilled staff of 20 people and completely modern equipment, give us the ability to continually improve the products we produce.

We invest in the Internet and exploit every opportunity it offers in communication and commercial transactions.

We have created a detailed and accurate electronic ordering system between us and our partners. In this way the communication is easy. Τhe orders are executed according to the specifications and the wishes of our partner.

With the same love and passion as that of the first day, we create and offer all our art, in images of joy that will last forever and will delight the most discerning customer.