Gold Spark

The gold metal on the cover and the back cover are joined at the back with the fabric.

It is decorated on the front with color printing, balancing the coolness of gold metal. This is a special cover of refined aesthetics, aimed at couples with a strong modern taste.

The album box

The album is accompanied by a wooden box lined on the outside with the same fabric of the back and inside with dark blue fabric. Alternatively, you can choose a wooden box with a plexiglass lid from our new series Imperial Collection .

Pocket Album – USB Box & amp; Stick

The range includes products that range in the same color shades, framing the basic product harmoniously. The cover of the pocket album is lined with the fabric of the back of the cover and has the ability to print names or logos. Its interior includes 18 vertical or horizontal photos in offset printing.

The USB Box & amp; Stick consists of a leather USB box with the possibility of embossing names on its surface. The USB Stick is made of plexiglass with gold stainless steel lid.

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